Comedy & Acting

Stand Up


Stand-up comedian & storyteller living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Performed internationally. Organiser of Bris Funny Fest 2017.

Upcoming events listed here.

Full biography available for download here.

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My IMDB page is here.

A demo reel of my voice over acting work can be found here.

I am available for acting, voice over and soundtrack work (pro recording setup at home).

Comedy Commentary Cinema


Founder and former host of Comedy Commentary Cinema where comedians provide a live commentary over the top of film screenings.

Featured in The Courier MailConcrete Playground, West End MagazineScenestrWeekend Notes & AAA Backstage.

Cluedo! The Interactive Game


Cast as a detective in the award-winning 1930s themed immersive theatre production inspired by the board game based on the Kookaburra Queen paddle boat, Brisbane. Received glowing praise in reviews from Aussie Theatre, Scenestr & Weekend Notes.

Potter Unplotted


Front of House character and main cast understudy for this sold-out ImproMafia production as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival 2017 at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Received rave reviews from Weekend Notes and Scenestr.

Music Videos


Directed and starred in the following music videos:

Neon Highwire SRS BSNS

Neon HighwireBear At The Bus Stop

Neon HighwireUnder Moonlight

amongst others.

Kim Jong Il Looking At Things


Wrote the “national anthem” for the website Kim Jong Il Looking At Things and the accompanying music video. Featured in featured in the B3ta newsletter.

Fake Telephone Interview


Pretended to be a character named Flavaadit Gambatron in a faked telephone interview explained here.



Performed at the London, UK based event Cringe (people reading from their teenage diaries) multiple times, leading to being part of a BBC filmed piece about the night for The One Show.

Cyprus Documentary


Filmed, wrote, soundtracked and narrated a fake tourism documentary about the island of Cyprus causing anger and confusion from some who thought the video had been commissioned by the island’s tourist board.



A blog I ran until 2008 documenting transcripts of people emailing me intending to contact someone else with the same name. I would then reply under the pretence of being the person they intended to receive the message and posted the subsequent correspondence. Names have been changed (including my own) for personal protection, but hopefully it’s been long enough now. Featured multiple times in the B3ta Newsletter.

Post-Rock with Vocals

Rerecorded a song by notoriously grumpy band Mogwai with vocals that sounded as though they were recorded for Glee. When reached for comment, the band made no response.