Ever since I was a child, I wrote a lot. A lot. About anything and everything. I didn’t necessarily have anything to say, but I wrote. In school, I learned to hate writing, but as I got older, I learned to love it again.

I sometimes write things on the Vague Bentos blog.

Mostly I write about music. See my Music Journalism page for examples of writing about music I’ve done over the years.

I’ve written in other places too, such as Medium.

You Have Got The Wrong Person


You Have Got The Wrong Person was a blog I ran until 2008 documenting transcripts of people emailing me intending to contact someone else with the same name. I would then reply under the pretence of being the person they intended to receive the message and posted the subsequent correspondence. Names have been changed (including my own) for personal protection, but hopefully it’s been long enough now. Featured multiple times in the B3ta Newsletter.