Steven has told stories at multiple events, including multiple occasions at The Mezrab Cultural Center in Amsterdam, So, What’s Your Story? in Brisbane (where my story was retold in the “Best of” show) and multiple storytelling nights in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Steven’s storytelling is deeply personal giving a unique perspective on his own background. From his difficulties as a deeply introverted yet outspoken child, to living in multiple countries, Steven is one of those people who somehow manages to get himself into situations that others easily avoid.

Combined with his deft ability to convey himself and devise a story that draws from multiple methods of storytelling, and the result is a captivating storyteller who can deliver a wide variety of stories that take audiences from tears of anguish to laughter visiting every emotion along the journey.

Back when he lived in London, Steven performed at the London, UK-based event Cringe (people reading from their teenage diaries) multiple times, leading to being part of a BBC filmed piece about the night for The One Show.