Standup Comedy

Steven Morgan is a British standup comedian living in The Netherlands who has performed internationally, in countries such as Australia, Japan, UK, Belgium and more.

In 2017, Steven Morgan was appointed the festival director of Bris Funny Fest, the largest comedy festival in the city of over 2 million people. Over its limited run, there were over 100 shows from 50 different acts, including acts such as Matt O’Kine, Greg Larsen & Luke Heggie.

He was the host of Nijmegen’s popular standup comedy night LYFAO in The Netherlands, where performers from all over the country and further afield would perform at the locally renowned venue Café de Plak.

His stand-up style was described by the Out Of Order Podcast as “Robin Williams shit when he was high on cocaine, times by three”.

Steven teaches standup comedy freelance with organisations such as easylaughs. He can be booked as an act or MC for your upcoming event, just get in touch.

Standup Comedy Videos

Steven Morgan performing at The Freedom Fridge, London, UK, 2017
Steven Morgan’s Mystery Box of Mystery, Amsterdam, NL, 2023
Steven Morgan at Wageningen Comedy Club, Wageningen, 2023
Steven Morgan at CREA Comedy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2019
Steven Morgan at Comedy Café Utrecht, 2022

Standup comedy courses & workshops

Steven Morgan is an experienced standup comedian and promoter who has organised a comedy festival, run his own successful comedy night, is a cast member of a prolific comedy company in Amsterdam and has performed to a wide array of audiences internationally.

He was the previous Chief of Learning at Amsterdam’s easylaughs, where he taught beginners and intermediate standup comedy courses, alongside targeted workshops for performers of all experiences. He was responsible for the course content and teacher coaching at the organisation.

Standup comedy is a useful skill whoever you are, and a standup comedy course can be an incredibly useful way to make sure you’re ready to perform for the first time. You learn things about yourself that you would never otherwise know, and you learn how to present in a way that is engaging, efficient and above all, entertaining. With a focus on performance and writing exercises, Steven’s courses prepare students in ways that make it hard to believe their first time is their first time.

Steven also specialises in the power and usefulness of improv in standup comedy, whether it’s in your writing or in “naturalising” your performance style. He runs custom workshops on subjects such as the following, which can be booked for individuals, groups, or corporate situations, whether for skill development or ice-breakers:

  • Learning to present with standup comedy.
  • How to prepare for your first standup comedy set.
  • How to be a good MC.
  • Interviewing techniques.
  • Becoming a better standup comedian with improv.

To find out more, get in touch.