Sketch Comedy


You can find a number of sketches that Steven Morgan has been involved in the creation of in the below YouTube playlist.

Courses, workshops & coaching

Steven also provides comedy writing workshops for sketch comedy with subjects covered like the following:

  • Writing techniques that capture your inspiration at the times when it’s at its peak.
  • Building on a premise and finding the funny.
  • Adding tags and trimming the fat.
  • Framing your scene.
  • The importance of editing.
  • Augmenting things to the next level.

If you’re looking to get started with sketch comedy and are looking to turn your ideas into reality, then get in touch. Steven offers workshops, courses and coaching on the subject.

Handforth Parish Council

In 2021, Steven discovered and popularised the infamous Handforth Parish Council Zoom meeting. Using source footage originally taken from the council’s website, he edited the source material in a way that went internationally viral, resulting in over 3.5 million plays on YouTube to date.

He also later edited a prequel based on the meeting which preceded it.

A full account of Steven’s involvement in this sensation can be read on his Vague Bentos blog.


Brisburned is a hilarious and lighthearted sketch comedy featuring songs about Brisbanites and their frustrations and exasperations with a city they don’t exactly love but don’t exactly hate either. It was created by Mark Lombard and has had sold-out seasons at the Brisbane Comedy Festival for four years running. Steven was a script editor/writer during the early stages of the show’s inception.