Steven Morgan has been featured on several radio shows. Examples include, but are not limited to the below.



An avant-garde improvised radio show that has to be heard to be understood.

KINK Indie

Steven was an occasional DJ on KINK Indie as host of the All Things Loud show (2020 – 2022), playing the best new releases from that week.

Steven Morgan as host of the All Things Loud show on KINK Indie

Host and interviewer of the Kalenda Music podcast.

Host of the Shambo radio show.


Steven has been a guest on a number of radio shows and podcasts, some of which can be heard in the below YouTube playlist.

He was also a guest on the Here In Holland podcast.

Steven was a guest on Lindsay Webb‘s What’s Your Name, What Do You Do? Episode 28.

Steven was a guest arguing against Deadpool on the Thumb Wrestling podcast.

Steven created a guest segment for the Australian comedy podcast Good Advice which sadly never aired.

Steven was a guest on the Second Take Podcast.

Steven has also been an occasional guest on the Fools Gold Theatre Supernatural podcast.