Neon Highwire

Steven’s most successful musical project was Neon Highwire, a band he was part of from 2008 – 2016.


From 2000 – 2005 Steven was in the rock band Antiba.


Aside from those bands, Steven also performs solo as Steven Morgan, StEvie & Infinite Morgan.

My Vitriol

While writing this article, there were some interesting messages that Steven received from representatives of the band. Always one to take the higher ground in these situations, he wrote this track with Luke Fussell in dedication to their long-delayed second album, and the excuses given as to why it was perpetually delayed for over a decade.

Boys Noize – This Is What You Want (remix)

In 2012, Boys Noize started a remix competition for his song This Is What You Want, with the prize being a coveted spot for the remix on the b-side of his next single. The prize was supposed to be decided by public vote. However, despite Steven’s remix having the largest number of votes, Boys Noize ended up going for a different option. Listening to Steven’s remix helps you understand why Boys Noize didn’t want it, and why it was so popular. All sounds made by Steven’s mouth.


Steven recorded vocals over a Mogwai song and sent them to Stuart Braithwaite. Stuart never replied.

Italian Chicken Pizza

One of Steven’s Italian friends mentioned in passing that adding chicken to pasta was something that did not originate in Italy and was very uncommon in Italian cuisine. After learning this fact, Steven and another friend of his created Italian Chicken Pasta Day (February 10th), with its own theme tune.


Former member of Virus (1999-2000), discography here:

Virus were a Bridgend, UK-based five-piece rock band consisting of Steven Morgan, Scott Llewellyn, Iestyn Williams, Craig Edmunds and Chris Jenkins.

StEvie – The Chicken Came First, Screw The Egg

As a teenager trying out home recording equipment on my parent’s PC for the first time, Steven made a short EP. This is what it sounded like:

Acoustic Guitar Covers

From time to time, Steven has recorded some covers on his acoustic guitar. Here are a selection of them.

Covers with Cris, Tim & Thomas

While living in Nijmegen, I met up with some friends of mine a few times to play some songs together. These are some of the songs we jammed.