Actor and Director

Steven Morgan’s acting history is available on IMDB.


In 2019 Steven starred as Edward in the 2019 feature-length mockumentary Drack, which has since been played at a number of film festivals worldwide.

Cluedo: The Interactive Game

He played a detective in the award-winning 1930s-themed immersive theatre production inspired by the board game based on the Kookaburra Queen paddle boat, Brisbane. Received glowing praise in reviews from Aussie Theatre, Scenestr & Weekend Notes.

Human: VOID

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, the WOW-Effect theatre production of Human: VOID was moved from the stage to a filmed stage production. Steven Morgan featured as Sello in the production.

Voice Acting

Steven Morgan is an experienced voice actor with a variety of styles and accents possible. Listen to the showreels below for examples of his work.

Music Videos


Steven Morgan has directed and starred in a number of music videos, including the following:

Steven also wrote the “national anthem” for the website Kim Jong Il Looking At Things and the accompanying music video. Featured in the B3ta newsletter.